Today, we choose to speak

I am not the same person that I was when I gave my life away to another man over 10 years ago. I am no longer that woman. I can attest to that girl in my past but I could never speak for her. For her voice was taken that very same time, 10 years … Continue reading Today, we choose to speak

Separated by time

Invigorated souls Internal flames igniting From depths of understanding Chemistry collision Physical bodies on different fields But longing to want each other near Hearts hope to stay connected Pure and lustrous discernment, unsuitably connected Trains on different tracks, maybe another time, we'll see each other near


I dislike the stickiness feeling on my hands I dislike chaos I dislike manipulation I dislike lieing I dislike hatred I dislike racism I dislike bullying I dislike isolation I dislike violations of rights I dislike greed I dislike narcissism I dislike violence